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Born in Alice Springs, but raised in Virginia, USA on a steady musical diet of hip hop/Rap and RnB, Jayden McGarth is an up and coming solo act whose powerful vocals mesh with a pleasingly rich blend of RnB, pop and blues.

Jayden began playing guitar during his early teens, but it wasn’t until leaving the US and moving back to the relatively slow-paced Alice Springs at age 15 that he discovered that music could be both his passion and his solace. His first official taste of band life was fronting the trio Zenith; by the time Jayden was 16 the group had released its first EP and began playing local pubs. Following some smaller tours to Darwin, Adelaide and Melbourne, Zenith snagged some prime support slots and festival dates and embarked on several years of touring, ultimately culminating in winning the Triple J Unearthed (Darwin) competition and a decision to move to Melbourne.

Post-arrival in Melbourne, Zenith eventually wound down and Jayden moved on to tour as a session guitarist with Toni Childs, an experience he called “humbling and eye-opening”. J’s next project, Conjurer, was a much heavier, comfort-zone pushing departure from earlier sounds, but J relished the experience, particularly working with Periphery’s Misha Mansoor, who mixed the band’s last single ‘Extellegence’.

Fast-forward to 2018. After a long and refreshingly creative stint in Thailand, Jayden shiftted to the single-minded pursuit of creating his solo project. With an eclectic mixture of influences on his current sound: from Jimmy Hendrix to Dr Dre to Eric Clapton, as well as homegrown artists such as Paul Kelly, Xavier Rudd and John Butler (who became a personal source of motivation for J; he recalls meeting Butler before a show at an Alice Springs pub and feeling a rush of inspiration after chatting about music and life). J’s eclectic musical outlook has been widened by software tools such as Ableton: “this was my first experience with electronic elements,” he says, “I found that having every instrument that I could ever want at my fingertips was so amazing… for the first time I wrote from the heart and the head, but with no limitations and no expectations.”

The first single ‘Conditions’ will be released in early June, backed by an incredibly talented group of musicians and management team, Jayden describes this as “ an exciting time to finally make my mark on the world!”

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